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The INF Fellowship program seeks to build in-country intellectual capacity through support of active research and training programs for developing country nutrition professionals. Through this program INF disburses short-term, medium-term, and long-term fellowships to emerging and experienced developing country scientists.


The INF has been providing fellowships to developing country nationals since its inception in 1982. These fellowships provide opportunities for doctoral or postdoctoral research and support professionals at all levels to attend international conferences and workshops. By establishing long-term partnerships with institutions as well as individual scientists in developing countries, the INF takes an unique and innovative approach to building institutional capacity in developing countries.

For many years, the INF provided long, medium, and short term fellowships to developing country scientists in partnership with the United Nations University (UNU).  A database of these fellows is being compiled and will be available here in the future.

In 2002, the INF was awarded a grant from the Ellison Medical Foundation (EMF) to focus on capacity development of selected centers of excellence in developing countries in the areas of nutrition and infection. WIth the grant ending in 2011, the INF provided a total of 71 long-term and 129 short-term INF/EMF Fellowships.

Building on the success of the INF/EMF Fellowships, in late 2004, the Foundation received grants from Kraft Foods and Unilever, Inc. to address capacity building through short-term fellowships. The INF/Kraft Fellowships and the INF/Unilever Fellowships were subsequently launched in 2005.