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The INF is proud to support active research and training programs in developing countries through the INF Fellowship Programs.  We also aim to implement and support research projects in collaboration with active research institutions in developing countries and disseminate cutting-edge nutrition research to all.

Fellowship program seeks to build in-country intellectual capacity through support of active research and training programs for developing country nutrition professionals. Through this program INF disburses short-term, medium-term, and long-term fellowships to emerging and experienced developing country scientists.

In dedication to our mission, the INF holds self accountable for the following ethical principles and practices in all its projects.

  • Encouragement of developing a strong scientific foundation in support of effective research, policy and applied programs.
  • Focus on underserved communities and vulnerable groups.
  • Advocate workplace diversity and inclusion of people, including but not limited to beliefs, races, religions and nationality.
  • Uses a participatory, accountable and transparent governance structure.
  • Considers human rights orientations in addressing food and nutrition issues.