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Protein Working Group

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The Nevin Scrimshaw International Nutrition Foundation (INF) has recently reconstituted its Protein Quality and Amino Acid Working Group. The INF has a long and distinguished history of involvement and leadership in the exploration of the importance of protein requirements and protein quality dating all the way back to the founder, Nevin Scrimshaw’s, work as Chairman of the Protein Advisory Group of the United Nations Agencies. In more recent years, INF’s current VP of Executive Affairs of the INF, Ricardo Uauy, and INF’s Scientific Advisory Board member Anura Kurpad, have been very active in further defining protein requirements based on amino acid requirements. Part of our objective of this Working Group will be to bring together experts in the area of protein and amino acids to set the research agenda to better understand the core science around protein, protein quality and linear growth, weight gain, maternal nutrition and its effects on birth outcomes and subsequent linear growth.

Defining the best way of meeting human protein aminoacid and protein needs requires we consider the impact on human health & well-being while remaining environmentally sensitive. We need to engage agriculturalists and food scientists emphasizing the production of high quality plant sources of protein, such as legumes. The immediate implication is that dietary protein quality matters to human health. Protein quality, in terms of IAA content has a greater importance in meeting the needs of populations across the developing world, as well as the nutritional quality of food commodities currently available to meet the human health needs through the human lifecycle. The quality of diet, specifically with reference to its protein quality, impacts a nation’s health, economy, agriculture and nutrient security.

The INF Working Group will work to explore the harmonization of the research directed to assessment and analysis of the protein quality to provide continuing leadership in this international effort. This working group will build on efforts in the recent past at the INF, and FAO and Food and Nutrition Bulletin in this topic and will involve leaders from throughout the world.

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